Smart WiringTM is the affordable way to wire your home to make the most of life, now and in the future.

Smart WiringTM is the standard home wiring system that lets you combine phone & fax lines, pay TV cabling, sound, computer and Internet, intelligent lighting, security, home automation, and much more, at the one time and it gives the flexibility to add and change in the future without expensive re-wiring costs.

Installed by just one Smart WiredTM accredited electrician, not teams of specialists, Smart WiringTM is designed to suit both your budget and life.
Best installed when you’re building or renovating, Smart WiringTM should be discussed with your Smart WiredTM builder to make sure you pick the right options for you.

It must be good, it is recognised by FOXTEL and our Partners are Australian household names.

You can find all the Smart WiringTM help you need right here, plan your Smart WiredTM home online, request for a vcd and brochure, or search for an accredited builder or contractor anywhere in Australia.

And if there is anything you can’t find here, or would simply like to ask us a question, either email us at or call us direct on 1800 075 060.

Now step inside the Smart WiredTM House!

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