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Can include the following: - Upgrading of current antenna to a new one capable of accepting all new digital signals. – Assessing and advising on what would be the best cost effective and long lasting solution including free quote. – Replacing old systems with new cabling, points, splitters and boosters. – All new cables will be fitted off with either crimp or compression f connector ends meaning they cannot fall off and have a better contact. This means there is less signal loss than older installations which used twist on connections. – Free removal of any old antennas and left over debris from old system. A basic Antenna installation starts from $150. Contact VisComm for a free assessment and quote. - Upgrading of new antenna. – Removal of old. – Re-align antenna.  – Site survey for best location to install new antenna or move existing if in acceptable condition.
Home Theatre systems can be as basic as a TV with a small speakers system, or as extravagant as a full home cinema. VisComm is able to do both. Setup and installation of a basic home theatre starts from $99, includes TV and connection of 4 components (speakers and av receiver not included) Short tutorials on all products and remotes available for a small extra fee.  
Can include the following:
  • Setup of LCD, Plasma, LED or any other TV.
  • Wall mounting of Panel.
  • Surround sound speaker systems
  • Component systems
Multi-room audio is perfect for anyone that likes their music or likes to entertain, from having the same music play throughout the house and outdoor entertaining area to having different music in different rooms. Sonos is a wireless music system perfect for this. In ceiling or in wall speakers connected to a Sonos product allows you to play music all through the house. You can also connect it to an av receiver with two zones, have the kids watching TV through zone 1 speakers and have zone 2 speakers playing music outside while you entertain. There are also many other options available for multi-room audio.
Can include the following:
  • Speakers in multiple rooms.
  • Multiple Zone configurations.
  • In-wall controls.
  • Different rooms, different music.
The best place for any speaker is hidden in a wall or ceiling with only the grill showing, most grills can also be painted to suit your wall colour. Some speakers can also be angled to point towards your sitting area so that the sound is directed to you creating a much better sound. All cables are also hidden in the wall and ran back to a receiver. Some sub-woofers can also be mounted in a wall, ceiling or floor providing there is enough space. This is great if you don't want floor standing speakers, or speakers mounted on the outside of the wall.
Can include the following:
  • Mounting of circular or rectangle speakers.
  • In-wall or In-ceiling installation, including some sub-woofers.
  • Concealment of all cables.
  • In-wall volume control.
In this day and age, technology is a normal part of our lives, so if your building a house, why not make it smart wired and future proofed. Wiring a house with all TV, data, phone, audio, and security is the best way to future proof a home, running them all to 1 location making service and setup easy and cost effective. Doing this before plaster is up will always be cheaper than wiring an existing home, however not impossible of course! If you have an existing home then it can also be future proofed as well, just costing that little bit extra.
Can include the following:
  • TV points, Phone points, Data/Internet Points
  • Wiring for speakers.
  • Intercoms.
  • In wall Home Theatre Cables.
  • Security systems + more.
Installing security in your home, will never be a bad choice. Security can help reduce the risk of intrusion and theft. From a complete new installation down to an upgrade of an old out of date system, VisComm can tailor the right one for you. All equipment supplied by trusted and respected companies including Bosch, HAI, Hills. Benefits from installing a Security System: - May help lower the cost of insurance
  • can help improve personal safety
  • deter burglars, trespassers and vandalism.
Can include the following:
  • Both external or internal detectors
  • hardwired and wireless devices
  • key chain unlocking devices
  • intercoms for from door viewing
  • vibration detection or glass breakage
  • window and door sensors
We can install any additional points required. TV, Phone, Data, anywhere in the house. Whether its in a rumpus room, new bedroom, extension on the house, or even an outdoor entertaining area. All extra points start from $69
If you come across bad quality signal then its quite possible your antenna and signal need to be calibrated. However bad signal can be caused by many things, from poor quality cable, bad connections, old splitters, to a damaged antenna. Contact VisComm for a full Digital check.
Can never pick up the right remote? Have 3 or more? Maybe you need to get a Universal Remote. There are many brands of remotes out there, from the basic Logitech harmony to using an iPhone/android device with a push system. There is something there for you. If your interested in combining all your remote controls into one, contact us today and we will help you get the right one, program it for you, and even show you how to use it!
PROJECTOR INSTALLATIONS When a TV isn't big enough get a projector! Ceiling mounted, wall, floor, simply sitting one on a desk, any way you want it setup we can help. Don't want to be able to see it? No problem, flip down ceiling mounts are available. All cables can be hidden in the ceiling/wall and run back to the av receiver and components.
Bought a new computer, but unsure how to set it up? Let us know and we can help you. Setting up the computer, connecting it to your internet connection will cost only $99 if you would like help or tutorials on many basic programs then don't hesitate to ask! Installation of new software, help with which software you need to setting up your router, modem, fax, printer, and more!
Need something new? Not sure what your want? Have a chat to us and we can work out whats best for your or give you some guidance as to what to look for. Whether is be software, or hardware or anything computer related, to, "Which TV do i get?" or "What cable do i need for my new DVD player?" Give Chris a call and he can help!
VisComm can install extra outlets in your home to help you access technology in different areas.
Extra points available :
  • TV
  • Foxtel
  • Phone
  • Data/Internet
  • HDMI
  • Speakers
  • Plus more
If your worried about the safety of your home, office or storage area then we may be able to help with cameras, security systems and over the Internet self monitoring. If the areas that need cameras have Internet access the you will be able to view them via the Internet or a smart phone thus becoming a self monitored system.

Indoor and outdoor cameras are available as well as being able to see a certain distance during the night.

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