Viscomm FAQs

Below is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find an answer below, feel free to contact us here.

Are all set-top boxes the same?

No they are not. The two main differences are “HD” High Definition and “SD” Standard Definition. The HD will receive all stations however the SD can only receive standard definition channels. It is recommended to purchase a HD set-top box. Some will be stand alone set-top boxes and others will come with more features such as recording of programs, EPG’s (electronic program guide) etc.

Can i hide my new Antenna in the roof?

This is not recommended. A tin roof can interfere with reception too much and a quality image can not be guaranteed. Also if there is foil insulation or something like aircell, then it cannot be installed in the roof. Any reflective surface will make picking up a signal almost impossible. If a customer would like their antenna installed under a tile roof, this is possible but there will be no guarantees on image quality.

How do I access Digital TV?

If you have recently purchased a new TV then your TV will be “Digital Ready” It will need to be tuned in to the new digital frequencies. If you are still running an older analogue set then you will either need to purchase a new TV or just an add-on Set Top Box. These will both need to be tuned in. If you have a subscription service then it is most likely digital ready as well. Such as My Star from Austar, this Subscription service will receive all digital stations.

My new Digital Signal is poor.

If you have recently upgraded your TV or bough a new STB to receive the new digital stations and are having image problems then you need to contact VisComm for a TV calibration. This includes re-aligning the antenna if needed as well as assessing the current TV system already in your house. Many older homes are not capable of receiving the new digital signal at 100% quality. VisComm can also give you an onsite quote for an upgrade of your MATV system.

My service has become poor after getting a new TV point

Whenever extra points are installed dB loss occurs. This reduces the amount of signal getting from the antenna to the TV. If in an old house the quality of cable, antenna, and connections can be of poor quality and not capable of transferring good quality digital signal.

Most older homes will nearly need a full replacement system to accommodate any new points and the digital signal. This, in most cases can work out cheaper than getting it repaired to accept a signal.




If you cannot find an answer to your question above, feel free to contact us here.